Sisters 4 Sisters

Sisters 4 Sisters is a program that provides mentorship and personalized attention to small groups of at-risk women and girls. Through expanding their exposure and life experience, we hope for them to achieve academic success, be healthier, learn more about other women around the world, and become financially independent. Most of all, we encourage them to become more confident in who they are. This will support them in whatever life they lead as adults – whether they are running businesses, countries or their households.


The Objectives of S4S

Work/Problem Solving Experience

We’ve had the girls make and sell cookies at the weekly brunch. We’d like them to learn how to handle simple budgets and work plans.

Psychosocial Development

We have open discussions with the girls about their futures, about their lives as Afghan girls, and use a variety of ice breaking activities. We are guided by PARSA’s psychosocial department.

Physical Wellbeing

The girls run and do yoga with women from an NGO called “Free to Run” as well other volunteer instructors.


We have women from Kabul and around the world speak to the girls in a “TED Talk” style, teaching them lessons via their own life stories. We want the girls to learn about the many paths their lives could take. This part includes YOU – help us expose the girls to the women who support them.

What does it mean to be involved?

We would like to involve you in this process. We request a minimum of $15/month or $150 single payment from members. Your support will be part of providing:

  • - 30 trained mentors to take the program nationwide
  • - Materials and supplies
  • - A monthly event that invites women in the community to hear of the girls’ accomplishments.
  • - Your own stories to inspire them! We look forward to having you join them in person or via video so they can learn about different women and be inspired to set goals they never knew existed. They want to hear about who you are, any advice you have for them and perhaps about your career…YOU ARE A PART OF THEIR GROWTH
  • - Field trips in and around Afghanistan when possible to expand their experiences

You will receive:

  • - Opportunities to interact with the girls via phone/video/in person
  • - An invitation to attend our monthly luncheons
  • - A membership certificate
  • - Profiles of the girls in our current groups so you know exactly who is benefiting
  • - Girls’ handmade gifts
  • - Exclusive updates via newsletter


“For the girls, this program could mean the difference between an early marriage and being able to enter the job market or start their own business if they choose to. Confidence is key to life quality, wherever they end up”

  • - Mina Sharifi, S4S Director

Where will the funds go?

We have minimal spending and any more than we need goes to keeping the program going longer. The program is sustainable in that we will be addressing women and girls who will pass on what they learn in their households to sisters, mothers, daughters and maybe even granddaughters!

Depending on support, we would like to facilitate training in Kabul for 30 women from the provinces. This will allow them to take the program to girls in their communities. We also need to supply the girls with safe spaces for activities and provide supplies.

Learn more

Download the Sisters 4 Sisters Afghanistan brochure by clicking the link below. Feel free to spread the word on S4S by sharing this widely - it will do our girls a world of good!

Sisters4Sisters Brochure