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The PARSA Book: Discovering the Afghan Spirit

We are very excited to announce that our Executive Director, Marnie Gustavson, will be writing a book to be launched this fall about her experiences in Afghanistan, centered around her life with her PARSA family. Here is what she has to say about the book launch:

ruth marnie-05“From 1964 to 1969, my family lived in Afghanistan and the experience of growing up in Kabul has been a defining part of my life.  In 2004, I returned with a group of other people like me who had grown up here and my reacquaintance with this country compelled me to move back in 2006.  I met up with Mary MacMakin the founder of PARSA and moved into PARSA temporarily, while looking for a home.  But I never moved out.    In PARSA I discovered my Afghan family, and a sense of community driven purpose that has lasted a decade.

“Now, going into my 10th year, I am writing a book about my life with PARSA and how living and working in this country has changed me. I will introduce the loving, exasperating, and dynamic characters that drive our organization today, and have made PARSA a unique and effective organization in one of the most difficult development environments in the world.    In October, my sister Fran, will come back to Afghanistan for the first time since she was a little girl and we will launch the online version of the book. Stay tuned…”

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