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Help PARSA meet our goal to raise $60k per year for our grassroots programs.

For 21 years PARSA has survived because of the incredible support of our worldwide network of small donors who love Afghanistan and believe in our grassroots, community-based approach to development. Our PARSA Family Member donor program funnels this support into a coherent program that will bring our extended comunity together.

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What the PARSA Family Members pay for:

Basic costs related to running a non-profit are not always funded by larger donors. We use our PARSA Family member fund to hold us together as we face the challenges of working in Afghanistan. Having funds at our discretion allows us to pay for such things as emergency medical costs for staff or beneficiaries, repair work on our buildings, small staff salaries for special projects, materials for our women’s economic program, and also allows us to start small projects such as the PARSA Job Corps. Another wonderful example this is our Afghan Scouts program, which was started with $1,200 from our small donors nine years ago.

We also run special campaigns throughout the year where we ask Family Members to help us fund specific projects. For example, last year our Family Members supported the running costs of the kindergartens that we run in the cave communities of Bamiyan.

PARSA Family Members recognize the difficulties that non-profits experience making ends meet and support our fundamental viability, by making small funds available for our staff to use as we work to serve our beneficiaries.

Become a PARSA Family Member – donate today!!


The annual membership contribution is not a lot, but we have thousands of PARSA enthusiasts who support us from across the world, so your contribution is part of something much bigger!

Our goal is to have 200 members in our program who renew every year – that will mean approximately $60,000 annually towards funding the basic costs that allow us to keep our core programs alive, develop and train staff, keep our provincial offices open, pay rent in our main office in Marastoon, support the women in our Bamiyan program, vital maintenance and repairs, and pay core staff during the gaps between funding from our larger programs.