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In 2013 PARSA launched an economic program featuring a product line for a brand called “Trade Afghan Women’s Businesses” to support the development of a network of Afghan women entrepreneurs and to give their businesses access to local, national and international markets.

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PARSA’s program includes intensive support for Afghan women in remote areas or culturally restrictive communities to mentor them through the process of developing quality products for a clearly defined market. NGOs serving Afghan women will be the conduit for training, product manufacturing, and sales of product at the local level. PARSA’s main office at Marastoon will become the Training Center for Trade Afghan products.

For its first year, this program was conducted in partnership with IDEA-NEW and USAID in their initiative to give Afghan women entrepreneurs who produce income from agricultural products access to sustainable markets. Trade Afghan helped many women’s businesses and even was able to improve the standard of many products that were then sold in Kabul’s only supermarket chain, Finest.

Find out more on our official Trade Afghan website.