Psychosocial Services

psychosocial1Offers trainings for Afghan professionals who are working in social protection programs with vulnerable Afghan people including disabled people, orphans or women who are “head of household”. PARSA senior trainers believe in Afghan people who are professional leaders in their community- that they desire and have the ability to rebuild their communities and provide excellent professional services to their people. PARSA workshops are conducted in tandem with “practicum’s” or “hands on” training in a relevant PARSA demonstration program to insure that trainees can apply the concepts presented in the workshop. PARSA is a member of the International Social Service network.

Staff training  for Social Protection Programs

  • Psychological first aid for field workers working with victims of trauma
  • “Outcome-based case management and social work”
  • Psychosocial training for community based teachers or healthcare workers
  • Community based trauma-training programs
  • Psychosocial training for children
  • Working with chronically mentally ill or adult developmentally disabled Psychosocial “peer-to-peer” training

WarChild Canada Training in IDP Camps

Funded by War ChildCanada, PARSA’s psychosocial trainers worked with professionals from local NGOs to establish counseling programs through Village Psychosocial Counselors, (VPC) or volunteers from the IDP camps who worked with people from the community who were experiencing mental health issues.

This program has exceeded our expectations in that our VPC’s, have begun their one-on-one counseling sessions and have an unusual number of requests for counseling from local community members. In a country where mental health issues are stigmatized, PARSA wants to acknowledge our training team for striking the right cultural note in their work to have Afghan communities begin to reach out and ask for support for services. To learn more about the programs contact Dr. Norm Gustavson.

Healthy Afghan Women Support Groups

In partnership with Zardozi Women’s Business Centers, PARSA worked with women business leaders to train them in setting up peer-counseling groups called “Healthy Afghan Women Support Groups.” The goal of these groups is to help the women leaders become mentors within the circles of women artisans with whom they work. Marnie wrote a very insightful blog about her experiences working with these women here.

PARSA Center for Well being

  • Orphans2 - CopyAssessment and Counseling services for Afghans and expatriates
  • Support groups
  • Counseling training for Afghan professionals working with adults and children with mental health issues, developmental delay and trauma

Social Worker Training

In March 2013 PARSA conducted an intense, two-week program training 20 young Afghans in the basics of Social Work. The program, put on in conjunction with Kabul University, taught participants social work theory, how to deal with patients in a variety of cases, and offered practical training through role-playing.