International Social Service Network


PARSA joins the International Social Service Network (link)  to provide services for countries receiving Afghan immigrant families.

As the emigration of Afghans has grown, especially of young people, other countries have experienced a crisis of historical proportions. PARSA has been selected to support international professionals working with the Afghan immigrant population who need to be reintegrated into Afghanistan humanely. PARSA’s mission is that these young people have a stable future in Afghanistan. We have been providing comprehensive transition-to-community and psychosocial services for over 10 years.
Mohammed came to us through a social service professional in Norway.  In his case, he was born in Iran to an Afghan family that was living there illegally. His father died in Iran, and because of issues within the family his mother sent him on the illegal migration trail to Europe. Mohammed landed in Norway at age 15 and tried to qualify for asylum but could not. He lived there for 5 years, attempting to gain permission to live there permanently. This spring he was caught by the Norwegian police and within a month deported to Kabul, a he had never been to or lived in, and with no official identification. Thanks to the compassion of the Norwegian social worker who reached out to us at PARSA to ask us to support him, Mohammed now lives and works at PARSA as we support him in putting his new life together. Our staff are impressed with his resourcefulness, willingness to work, and easy way with the children in our programs. PARSA works with Afghan youth so that they have a clear path to a future.  We are part of a network of agencies that are working hard on education and economic programs for youth so that they do not need to leave Afghanistan. And we are welcoming back youth who have not been able to find asylum in other countries. We do not want to lose the next generation of Afghanistan’s youth!
Please read more about our services as a part of the ISS Network by downloading the below PDF: PARSA Services for ISS_GS