Fiona Shukri

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Fiona has worked as Senior Advisor in Afghanistan since 2008 on government outreach and civil society engagement in the country’s Security, Justice, Subnational Governance, Economic Reform and Agriculture sectors. She has designed, managed, and implemented programming for: Egypt, Lebanon, West Bank & Gaza, Jordan, Syria, Qatar, Iraq, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan. Much of her 27-year career has been spent working with international media, serving as Director of Communications and External Affairs for international affairs organizations in New York and Washington, DC, and as an outreach advisor to the Cabinet of UNESCO in Paris.

Fiona’s writing has appeared in such outlets as the Los Angeles Times, the New York Post, the Financial Times, The Washington Times and The Christian Science Monitor. She is a chapter author of the 1999 and 2000 editions of A Global Agenda: Issues. Before the Assembly of the United Nations. More recently, she served as Afghanistan editor (2012–13) and editor-at- large (2013–15) for an online magazine providing news analysis from diverse perspectives.

Fiona worked as a newspaper reporter before earning her masters degree in Near East Studies and Journalism from New York University.