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We’re sorry you have cancelled your donation but we thank you deeply for your interest in PARSA. Please continue reading about PARSA below to learn more about what we do in Afghanistan and how you can help.

One big way that makes a difference for us is helping to spread our PARSA message. You can follow us on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, share our pages and website with friends, and subscribe to our Newsletters. Every little bit helps!

Thank you again for your interest.

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Why Donate to PARSA?

Our small donor program is the foundation that PARSA programs build upon.  Small funds, well-managed and well-spent make a big change in Afghan communities.  Our “Bamiyan Healthy Afghan Community” program was started by twelve school teachers five years ago with an initial donation of $12,000 per year.  This year our expenses are at $30k and we serve over five hundred children in Scouts and education programs, and one hundred women in education and literacy programs. PARSA is acknowledged by the Governor Habiba Sorobi of Bamiyan as one of the most effective NGO’s in Bamiyan province.

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How to Give to PARSA

You may choose to donate to PARSA in the following ways:

1. Online via PayPal, using a debit card, credit card or PayPal account. Please use the secure form below to make an online donation that is fast, free, and secure. If you have a special program to which you wish your donation to go, please mention the program name in the comment field.

2. Bank or Wire Transfer. Please email to for bank account details.


3. Via Check to our U.S. office:

PARSA U.S. – PO Box 4284, South Colby, WA 98384

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For U.K. Supporters, our PARSA U.K. office is now open. Our mailing address:

PARSA U.K. – PO Box 186, Tiverton, EX16 ODF

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