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Kabul StaffCheck below for career postings and send your CV and cover letter to PARSA’s Kabul Human Resources Office by email at before the closing date.

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10 Replies to “Careers”

  1. Caryl Hubbard Collier

    There is a very nice paragraph about you and Parsa in the most recent AARP …
    Can you send me an email .. do you get Stateside at all???
    I would love to make contact again . I am living in Hanover, NH now. My son teaches engineering at Dartmouth.


  2. Eqbal Ahmad Anwari

    Went through the history of PARSA; it’s truly inspiring. I’m so moved by your passion dedication, and conviction towards what you are in Afghanistan. I came across this site after I saw its add on a newsletter. It then quickly made me to follow you on twitter.
    Thank you

  3. Sirjana Nijjar

    HI.. I really appreciate the work which is being done by Parsa for afghan communities. I would love to volunteer for you. I am from India. Do you accept volunteers?

  4. Mary Armijo

    Are there volunteer/career opportunities for someone living in Denver, CO? I would love to get involved with your organization. I’m fluent in Farsi.

    Thank you,

    Mary Armijo

    • admin Post author

      Mary, We are starting a program called PARSA Ambassadors that is really about presenting Afghanistan in a more even handed light than internaitonals currently experience through the media. You can contact Mina Sharif at for more information about that program that is available to people all over the world. Warmr regards, Marnie

  5. Hadi Azimi

    Hello Mary,
    Great work! I pray for your safety and wellbeing.
    I wanted to know about how many different provances PARSA is working in? And is there an association of Orphanages in Afghanistan that I can contact. I know, you are probably thinking “what?!” I know there are many orphanages in Afghanistan, but not all under the name of orphanage. There are named diffrenetly, like PARSA has a program with orphanages, then there is Ischiana’s programs. I wonder if there is any coordinating efforts developed over the last 10 years.
    I am crossing my fingurs.
    Thanks in advance,
    Hadi Azimi


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