Board of Directors

Mike Smith

Mike Smith is PARSA's Board of Directors Chairman, as of November 2015. He has practiced law for forty years and, beginning in 2003, he has worked for and in Afghanistan, primarily on a pro bono basis. Read More...

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Fiona Shukri

Fiona has worked as Senior Advisor in Afghanistan since 2008 on government outreach and civil society engagement in the country’s Security, Justice, Subnational Governance, Economic Reform and Agriculture sectors. Read More...

David Miura

David Miura has over forty years experience in the Boy Scouts of America. As a youth, he earned his Eagle award, Order of the Arrow Vigil and William T. Hornaday conservation award. As an adult, he continues serving Scouting as a board member, volunteer and trainer. More...

Jean Oplinger

Jean Oplinger is grounded energy. She’s known for being trustworthy, attentive and effective in expanding leaders and teams to see more, be more, do more. Her work as a Master Certified Coach , Insights facilitator and Master Personal Brand Strategist more...

Mary Jae Abbitt

Mary Jae Abbitt, former U.S. State Department USAID Small Business Development and Gender Advisor, now board member of NGO Direct Aid International first learned about PARSA in 2009. She worked with Marnie Gustavson in Bamiyan Afghanistan in... more..

Allan McKenzie

Allan has been on PARSA’s Executive Committee as of 2017. He has been involved in computers and IT for 35 years. Beginning in 2006 Allan visited Afghanistan and began working with PARSA. He set up an employee donation scheme, which for many years helped... More..

Mary Anne

Mary Ann is an advisor to the PARSA Board of Directors. Mary Ann says she considers herself a “citizen of the world”.  She grew up in a U.S. Military family, living in U.S. cities and in Heidelberg, Germany.  After graduating from the University of Washington.. more..