Bamiyan Cave Communities


The people living in the cave communities on the outskirts of Bamiyan City are among the poorest in Afghanistan. With no land for cultivation, little access to fresh water, no electricity, some of the harshest weather conditions in the country, and few economic opportunities, not to mention prejudice from the “valley people”, life in the caves is difficult.


Since 2008 PARSA’s Healthy Afghan Communities program has been involved in supporting the cave communities in Bamiyan – from providing school supplies and teacher training for the cave schools, to women’s programs focused on education and creating economic opportunities, to the Afghan Scouts’ donations of winter clothing to help families make it through the harsh winters. PARSA has come to realize the enormous need for support to this often-forgotten community, and in 2014 and beyond we plan to expand our economic and educational initiatives there in order to help the people take steps forward.