PARSA Family Photo Album-Afghanistan

Pictures and stories from Afghanistan seem to be relentless in showing the horror, poverty, and hopelessness of the country. This constant stream of bad news may inspire the international public to help in the short term but in the longterm it contributes to exhaustion and numbness in people who could be of help.  At PARSA, although we have constant exposure to daily struggle and tragedy, hopelessness is not our constant experience and being with the youth, and adults in our programs is inspiring and nurturing.  When working with our beneficiaries we always walk the line between invoking a dependency on us by overreacting to their tragic stories, and thoughtfully assisting in such a way that we respect and encourage their strength and capacity to overcome their own challenges.  Over the last 9 years of his work at PARSA, Reese Hume captures our experience of working in Afghanistan through his pictures in a way that words cannot express.  A couple of years ago, a donor wrote and told us that his pictures of orphans were not “sad” enough.  He said,”It is impossible for me to see them that way, and how I see them always comes through my photographs.” Here we share some of Reese’s pictures of his experience of PARSA’s work.  We hope to publish a book with his pictures from over the last nine years this summer.