PARSA Job Corps Story – Mirowais

Miroweis joined PARSA Job Corps- small enterprise in January.  He is 14 and the only child of a very poor couple. His mother earns $80 a month and his father works at hard day labor when he can get work.  He joined PARSA Job Corps # 1 and became part of a team of four boys who wanted to learn how to make money at horticulture, growing vegetables and flowers and who are starting a small poultry farm.  He wants to also stay in school so he can make a good income and support his parents.  His dearest wish is to have an eye operation to regain the sight in his left eye.  This month the boys worked hard and earned enough income for their business to breakground on their small plot of land and to buy the materials to build their chicken coop.  They needed to hire some day labourers to help and as a team they decided to hire Miroweis’s father.  They are very pleased to be able to help his family while also moving forward on their small business.  This is the kind of problem solving and learning our PARSA Job Corps youth have the opportunity to learn while also significantly contributing to their family income.

Update: On this trip to Istalif, Miroweis shared with Reese that his dearest dream was to get his eye fixed.  He lost the sight in it when he was six and suffered a blow to the head.  Thanks to a PARSA Family Member who lives in Kabul, this week he went to Noor Eye Clinic and was given a glass eye.  He is still shy about it but so very, very pleased.