Job Corps #3 – The Girls

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Our first Job Corps for girls, #3, is taking off, and we are very excited about it – and so are the girls! Mojabin, Sima, Mushtare, Beshta, Maqbola, Samira, Nazia, Fatimah and Farida are all incredibly enthusiastic and excited to learn. So far they have been focusing on cooking and hospitality skills through our Afghan Kitchen, however last week we asked them to make a list of the skills that they want to learn, and their answers were endless. They included auto-mechanics, photography, beauty school – makeup, hair styling and manicures/pedicures, henna, candle making, computer skills, tailoring, learning English, and they all said they want to learn how to drive cars and ride horses, although since they are quite young we decided to start with bicycles. We are so looking forward to making progress with this first pioneer group of girls, and to use their success as a model to expand the girls Job Corps to other provinces. This is a great edition new branch of our PARSA Education Programs – building youth leadership across the country.

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