A Family Vacation in Ghor, Afghanistan- by Marnie

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This is a personal account of a special trip that we made to Ghor province as a work trip and as a break for the extended “Family”.  I periodically write about these times I have had in Afghanistan to convey how much I love the experience of living here.  I hope you enjoy!

Willy’s Summer Vacation Blog1 (Please click for full story)

“I come from a family of very intense and creative people.  In family speak it means Difficult and if we are being kind Special.  My sisters and I have been challenged as we worked to raise the next generation of our family, four boys albeit our oldest, my son Colin is still not quite sure whether he is actually a blood relative because he has been very easy on us as he grew up, or so he tells us.

In 2009, my sister Fran and I had a call about her son Willy who was 17 and trying to find a purpose for his life and he disliked all apparent paths forward especially school. She was trying to figure out how to support him and she was ready for a break.  I suggested that she send him to me in Kabul for the summer and to our surprise Willy jumped on the opportunity. He joined his cousin, my son, Reese who came to visit me in a similar unsettled period of his life two and a half years earlier. We also had the son of a dear family friend, visiting us, Connor, who will evermore be known as Poor Connor, for having to deal with Reese and Willy for a summer. “(read PDF for full story)