Update on PARSA Job Corps


We are in the second month of our first PARSA Job Corps team’s program. The boys spent their month learning and working in Khalil’s small engine repair shop.  Thank you, Richard Day for donating a 1954 Royal Enfield motorbike for them to “fix”.  Many opportunities for learning on that one!  Please consider donating to their program, so we can expand it.  We just had two boys join this month so we are 10 now.  The boys mothers are widows and they were struggling to find something useful for the boys to do and afraid that their kids would go to the streets.  For those of you in Kabul who have small broken engines around, we are setting up a workshop for them this month.  Actually they are doing the work, and Tamim Hamkar is volunteering to teach them electricity to wire the Farm and other needy places.  Thanks all who are making this possible.  We are so excited to offer this program to our Afghan Scouts!!!