Steve Mccurry, photographer visits PARSA


PARSA had a very unexpected but delightful visit from Steve Mccurry, renowned photographer who took the now famous picture of the Afghan Girl.  Steve has a very long history of working in Afghanistan and is respected by Afghans for capturing the feeling of Afghanistan in his photos.  He visited a Scout community service tree planting event with us, to take pictures of Scouts for an upcoming National Geographic article on “Kabul Now”.  I was pleased both to have him take pictures of the Scouts as it is a good news story for Afghanistan.  I was also touched by how honored the older Afghan dignitaries were to meet him.  He sees Afghanistan the way Afghans want to be seen.

A link to his story:

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  1. Louise Pascale

    Oh,,, I wish he had time to capture Afghan children with their songbooks, singing again after years of music censorship. That also represents Kabul now. Their are 50000 songbooks distributed across Afgahnistan. Lots in Kinduz, How long is he there?
    Louise Pascale. Founder & Director. Afghan Children’s Songbook & Literacy Project

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