PARSA Eid Staff Party


Our PARSA staff are usually operating in their own departments, Scouts focusing on Scout activities, women’s economics completely separate from psychosocial, finance and HR in a world apart from VoAY or our support staff. We all say hi on lunch and during tea breaks, but it is only during our staff parties that we all get to sit down and hang out together. To brighten up the tedious first day back to work after the Eid long weekend, we arranged our summer staff party to cheer up the mood. Delicious food, recognizing the achievements of all our departments, and recognizing those staff who have been stepping up to the plate these last few months – especially those from our Scout leadership team who spent the hot weeks of Ramazan traveling across the northern provinces getting our Scout programs running steadily. And who knew we have over 50 staff who work at our Marastoon offices!

Congratulations to all our staff, and Eid Mubarak!