Nowruz with Shamsa

Our beautiful kids from Shamsa Village Orphanage came to visit us at PARSA for Nowruz celebrations, and it was so much fun! They arrived looking adorable and all dressed up in their Afghan best. We had plenty of fun activities, from flower planting (Nowruz is a time to celebrate farmers), to jelabi games (an Afghan sweet), to tokhum-jangi (egg-fighting), to horse riding and face painting. We even had a surprise concert and cake for everyone! What a wonderful day, the pictures speak for themselves. Happy Persian New Year to all our PARSA supporters around the world!


IMG_8043 IMG_7961 IMG_7655 IMG_7480 IMG_7440 IMG_3278 IMG_7331 IMG_7394 IMG_7437

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  1. jeri

    What wonderful work ypu are doing ! Thank you for all you do for the children of Afghanistan ….truly wonderful !……..jeri

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