DAILY QUIRK: Goats on the Roof

Goats are mischievous creatures. Everyone knows this. But it isn’t until you get your first pair of adorable baby goats and try to keep them as family pets that you realize just how mischievous they can be. Take our recent series of “goats on the roof” experiences. The first time it happened was on an evening that I was working a little late at the office, and got one of the now-regular worried text messages from Marnie telling me that the goats were cold and hungry in their grazing pen and calling for their “goat-mother”. So I packed up and walked up to the house about 5 minutes later, only to find Marnie looking half frantic, half perplexed. I followed her worried gaze up to the top of the high roof of our Scouting building, where I saw little Fred and Wilma happily grazing away from the leaves off of the top of a tall tree.

Marnie said that she had let them out of their pen and only taken her eyes off them for two minutes, when they had dashed away and figured out how to scramble to the top of an old staircase, jump onto the building’s roof and then scamper over to the delicious tree leaves. The whole thing seemed fairly well planned out from the goats’ side.

We were both rather panicked as they were standing on the very edge of the building and it is a long way down. So I dropped my bags and ran up the stairs and onto the roof, and with a lot less grace than the goats made it over to them and picked Fred up to carry him down (Wilma always follows Fred wherever he goes). Getting them off the roof was another rather challenging maneuver, but we all managed to get back on solid ground without any injuries.

Marnie and I were very relieved to have rescued our “kids” from the rooftop, and put them away for the night. However, now that they have a taste for those delicious rooftop tree leaves, it is Fred and Wilma’s daily goal to get back on the roof the second they are out of our sight, and this has become a “daily quirk” for Norm, Wasse and I, who are the ones who have to keep climbing up on the roof to carry our goats back down.

We love our kids though, so it is worth it!

Happy Chinese New Years from everyone at PARSA – we are all very happy to be ringing in the Year of the Goat!