Back to Badakshan…


We are a motley PARSA team.  The newest member, Alyssa has been with us for 2 years, and Yasin with PARSA 18 years.  What we have in common is that we love traveling through Afghanistan by road…and we have different ways of settling in, and coping with the long hours. Dawn and I, are old friends from elementary school, in Kabul and then again the last 10 years living at PARSA.  As we are now in our 50’s, we are testing our status as “elder’s” in a country that reveres the aged-taking the best spots in the car… after Reese and Yasin were called upon by Dawn and I to call our phones so we can find them once too often, Reese, my son, made it clear that our “elder” status was losing its shine with the “younger’s” of the group.  We have arrived after our 12 hour drive, welcomed by the family we stay with in Faizabad. A warm stove, dinner waiting, and looking forward to a comfortable night, Afghan style, which means 9 of us in two rooms.  Cozy and looking forward to our day tomorrow.



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