Welcome to Mina Sharif!

Mina Sharif has joined the PARSA team! She will be leading PARSA’s newest project: The Voice of Afghan Youth, a TV and radio program which will be created by the Afghan Scout youth and broadcasted across the country in order to showcase the talents, ideas, and ingenuity of the young people of Afghanistan. The program will also help spread PARSA’s name and that of the Afghan Scouting Movement.

Mina is an Afghan-Canadian and has spent the majority of the last few years working in Afghanistan. She formerly worked with Tolo TV as a producer for their Afghan Sesame Street program, and her experiences and creativity will go a long way in ensuring that the Voice of Afghan Youth is a success.

Welcome Mina, we look forward to enjoying the first episodes of VOAY!

Learn more about this new exciting project: afghanistan-parsa.org/voice-of-afghan-youth

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  1. Sarah Zeller

    Since the departure of Alyssa Mandy, I now live vicariously through Mina Sharif! She is an amazing role model and I hope someday to be half the woman and individual that she inspires.

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