Conflict Kitchen Interviews at Shamsa

A few months ago PARSA was contacted by a restaurant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania called Conflict Kitchen. The restaurant follows a unique concept: they only serve food from countries that the US is in conflict with, and they do their best to educate their customers about an aspect of each country that they would not normally see in US media.

For Afghanistan, Conflict Kitchen decided that they wanted to share stories from the point of view of Afghan children. And not stories related to war and conflict, just stories that tell about the everyday lives of the children and how they see the world. PARSA was contacted because of the work we do with children – both through the Afghan Scouts and through our orphanage work – and Yasin and Alyssa agreed to conduct interviews with children from Shamsa Village Orphanage.

It was quite a fun experience for everyone involved – the list of questions that Conflict Kitchen suggested we ask were very unconventional and the kids giggled away as we asked them things like “if you were an animal, which animal would you be and why?” or “if you were president, what would you do for Afghanistan?”

Conflict Kitchen recently finished compiling stories from children and published a small booklet of the kids’ stories that is now available at their restaurant. We hope that their customers will appreciate the stories from the Shamsa kids – we certainly enjoyed them!

Download the Booklet Here or visit the booklet’s page on the Conflict Kitchen Website.

We would also like to give a special thank you to all the kids at Shamsa Village who offered to be part of the interviews: Qadrat, Qasim, Bashir, Hekmattulah, Aisha, Fatima, Feroza, and Farima. Thanks!

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