PARSA Farm: Horses!!

All of us at PARSA, especially Yasin and myself, are very, very excited to announce the arrival of our two long-awaited beautiful young stallions. They came all the way from Tahar in the north of Afghanistan, and there were many difficulties with their trip and arrival to PARSA. Yasin and I had specified that we would like large, healthy horses at an age ready to be ridden, but both of them seemed quite sick when they arrived, and one of them is only 1 year old – 2-3 years too young to ride. We were frustrated at first and worried about the health of them both, not to mention that the younger chestnut was extremely skittish and scared of people. We felt very bad for both of them and have quickly come to love them and are very committed to ensuring that they have a good life here at PARSA.

– Alyssa

We have not yet given them names, so if you have any suggestions email and we will pick our favorites from our PARSA family’s suggestions. Looking forward to hearing from you!!