Afghanistan’s Elections, Round 2

The second round of Afghanistan’s 2014 presidential elections yesterday were a success. 7 million people showed up to vote – that is approximately 60 percent of the eligible voters in Afghanistan, similar number to what we saw in the first round. Despite the success of the day, it did not go off without glitches. There were skirmishes around the country, and sadly a close relative of our Scout Director, Tamim Hamkar, was killed by Taliban related violence in Lowgar Province. We offer deepest condolences to him and his family.

Living in Afghanistan during this difficult and unpredictable time we are all affected by the violence and the risks of everyday life. However we at PARSA are proud to be part of such an important time in Afghanistan. The truth is that our national staff and Afghans in general are optimistic that this election represents a turning point for them and the politics of their country, and we are sharing in their optimism. Soon the country’s next president will be announced, and the next stage of Afghan history will begin.

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