Creating PARSA Fashion

Fashion DawnFor anyone who has checked out our PARSA Online Catalog, you’ll already know that we make plenty of beautiful and colorful clothing and other items. Nevertheless, we are trying to diversify our products and come up with new styles, both local and foreign, to expand our customer base. Our wonderful tailors are on-board with our ideas and yesterday we had our first Fashion Creation Meeting to brainstorm and dream up new designs. Dawn headed the meeting, entertaining all of us by donning a variety of outrageous outfits to demonstrate how fashion changes for different occasions and for different people – I think all the tailors caught on!

If anyone has fashion suggestions for us, Contact Us or send pictures to The more great designs we come up with, the more our customer base will grow, and the more women-tailors we will be able to support in our Women’s Economic Programs. So help us get some ideas going!

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