Argo Relief, Day 1: Roadtrip

Norm, Yasin and Reese taking a break somewhere on the northern edge of the Hindu Kush.

This morning our Badakhshan-bound PARSA team headed out of Kabul at 530 a.m. to take on the 12 hour drive to Faizabad. Yasin, Norm, Reese, Habib and myself were in good spirits and the ride passed without a glitch – even Salang Tunnel didn’t give us any traffic problems. We passed beautiful mountains, farm lands, Kuchi herders and all sort of villages and open land – Afghanistan really is a beautiful country. We stopped where we could to give a helping hand – Habib, Reese and Yassin jumped out of the van to help pull a stuck car out from a ditch, and another time we stopped to give a woman and her brother a ride to a hospital. Kept the trip interesting, and as Yasin said, “It was our Scouting deeds for the day!”

Despite the good mood and beauty of the trip, we didn’t forget our purpose. On the way here we have already seen evidence of the excessive rainfall that fell this spring in the region – there were many places along our route where the road had been washed away in the past few months by landslides or flooding. Luckily for us villagers had repaired the road to passable state, so we were able to arrive in Faizabad safely. Tomorrow we will be up bright and early to meet with officials at the Badakhshan National Orphanage and begin our assessment of the situation. We aren’t sure what to expect, but we know it wont be pleasant.

Please take a look at the following gallery of pictures taken today during our trip. Although we traveled here for a difficult task, and tomorrow is going to be the first of several difficult days, it is important to remember how beautiful of a country Afghanistan really is.


Learn more about our relief efforts in Argo here.


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