Evacuating Kabul

Sad Goodbyes as PARSA Makes the Decision to Evacuate

Reese and Sherak taking a moment to say byeEvents in Kabul have become so intense that for the first time in 10 years Yasin and I made the decision to evacuate our international staff to Dubai through the elections.  It is very sad for us because we are so immersed and involved in our Afghan life, and saying goodbye to our beloved country at such a difficult time was the opposite of what we wanted to do.  But Yasin pointed out that we are much too highly visible targets and there is no hiding us.  So, we are out…our families can relax a bit.  Our Afghan staff will take their own precautions for safety during this terribly difficult time and we are praying for a good outcome in elections.  Thanks to everyone for your support for all of us!

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5 Replies to “Evacuating Kabul”

  1. Dr Mohammad

    I hope to see you back in Afghanistan soon. Marnie; I count you as an Afghan, not foreigner. You have Afghanistan in your blood. Afghans are proud of you.
    Kind Regards

  2. marg schiele


    I awoke to your wonderful messages of hope this morning for Afghanistan. So glad you planned so well for yourself and your fellow internationals….and please know my thoughts and prayers are always with you.

    Sending my love,


  3. Margaret Kantz

    It was so great to read your messages! I wrote a comment a few minutes ago but I didn’t fill in the correct blanks so here we go again.
    Your messages are here just at the right time because I am having an Open House on the 24th and now I have some updated material to tell my friends about! I have been concerned about the Elections and goad to hear that no violence took place. I didn’t understand about your evacuation of Kabul…was it temporary or will it be permanent? I look forward to your next news. “Teacher” Margaret

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