About VOAY

PARSA has been incredibly successful in our efforts to revive Afghanistan’s Scouting program. The Afghan Scout Movement was first founded in Afghanistan in 1931 and was enormously successful in the following decades, but then died out during the conflicts of the eighties and nineties. Read more about the History of Scouting in Afghanistan on their official website.

PARSA took over the revitalization of the program in 2008 and has since expanded into 13 provinces with over 1,800 Scouts now registered and actively participating. In many communities where we have established Scout troops other youth programs are either rare or nonexistent; even schools can be few. For this reason the Afghan Scouts are in a unique position to showcase the talent, resourcefulness and intelligence of Afghan youth, give them a meaningful role in community projects and events, and allow their perspective and voice to be heard.

This is why PARSA has created The Voice of Afghan Youth. It is a TV and radio project that will develop programming not FOR the children of Afghanistan, but BY the children of Afghanistan. We will profile Afghan Scout youth and their contribution to their communities, reinforcing positive impact. We will show what these future leaders do, how they think, and their goals for the future.

The Scouts will tell their own stories. They will find stories in their communities and they will show us through their Scout activities what it means to play a positive role in society. They will interview each other and speak out on the issues that are important in forming their lives as they grow into strong adults.

The Voice of Afghan Youth will also involve community leaders, educators, family leaders and parents in the process of creating captivating programming, collaborating with the Afghan Scouting leadership so that the local program becomes a voice that brings the community together.

The program will be broadcast locally in each community and also nationally across Afghanistan, with the goal of inspiring all Afghans to learn from their Scouts and become aware of the importance of playing a productive role in Afghan Society. Concurrently we anticipate that the program will make the Afghan Scouts a household name and will give huge momentum to the Afghan Scout Movement, so that the program will expand into all provinces of Afghanistan and begin to play an even greater role in fostering strong youth leadership across the country.