Voice of Afghan Youth

Welcome to PARSA’s exciting new TV and radio programming initiative – The Voice of Afghan Youth. Our aim in creating this remarkable program is twofold: to be one of the first programs in Afghanistan that showcases the talent, intelligence and perspective of Afghan youth; and to continue to spread the Afghan Scouting Movement throughout the country.

You can now watch VoAY episodes online, with English subtitles! Experience Afghanistan through VoAY!

Learn more about The Voice of Afghan Youth below by clicking on our About Us section to learn more details about the program and our goals, or check out our interactive Past, Present and Future sections where we take you through the eras of Scouting leadership in Afghanistan.

About Us

Interactive Section

Learn more about the Voice of Afghan Youth program and give your input and feedback so that we can make the program a success!


Step back into time and read stories from Afghan Scouting’s past: 80 years of history has left us with many stories to tell!


This section is how you can stay up to date with our latest news and most exciting initiatives, as well as get to know the kids we work with.


This is where we document the aims and aspirations of the wonderful kids we work with – Afghanistan’s future leaders.

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