PARSA Services for the ISS Network

PARSA is a 20 year old internationally registered not-for-profit, based in Afghanistan, with both national and Shamsa Village Orphanageinternational psychological services staff conducting a range of programs. Supervised by Dr. Norman Gustavson, a US licensed psychologist, PARSA staff provide both direct and training services in Afghanistan. PARSA has been the ISS member for Afghanistan since 2014.

PARSA has been selected by the ISS network to provide services to ISS members relating to Afghans residing overseas. PARSA works with the responsible authorities to try to determine the best solution for Afghan children and youth, if the family situation is unstable in a foreign country or if the responsible authority determines it is best to reintegrate a young person into Afghanistan.DSC08251

PARSA has the professional capacity to do the following in Afghanistan:

  1. Professional, culturally sensitive home assessments (social, economic conditions) for the suitability of returning children and young people to families in Afghanistan
  2. Tracing, re-establishing contact of family members in Afghanistan for Afghans living abroad
  3. Escort children or youth from a foreign country and assist with resettlement in Afghanistan
  4. Transition into Afghan communities for children and youth who are reintegrating into Afghanistan
  5. Psychological evaluations (international standard)
  6. Social and Legal interventions and Reports written in formats requested by agency utilising our services

Our professional staff work in English, Dari and Pashto and have the capacity to travel in most parts of Afghanistan.
DSC08281As an NGO, PARSA is committed to being a part of local solutions to the immigration crisis of the last two years. In addition to the services we provide for the ISS network, PARSA conducts a comprehensive “transition to community” program for people attempting to reintegrate into Afghanistan, especially youth.

A transition program is developed for each individual, but for young people specifically PARSA provides a number of ongoing programs such as the Afghan Scout program and PARSA Job Corps. This gives returnees a healthy community to participate in as they work to become stabilised. (More information on this program is available on request).