Mohammad Farhad learned the basics of being a salesperson as he used to sell small items in the market and on the streets in order to make enough money to eat. He had a difficult time selling the little items he could afford – like sticks of gum, toilet paper, or small amounts of vegetables – but he did learn a little about how to make sales. Since he joined the PARSA Job Corps he feels different. He uses the money he makes from his PJC stipend to feed himself, and also saves a little bit of it every month so that he can eventually sell larger items. He is happy to get hands-on training selling at a larger scale through the Job Corps. Last month he joined the Scouts to help manage their stall at an American military base in Kabul. He was very successful that day and was able to help the Scouts significantly increase their sales. More importantly, he came back from the day with significantly increased confidence in his sales skills, particularly in his ability to sell to foreigners. He is now excited to continue saving and eventually work his way up to running his own small shop so that he can fully support himself and his family.

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