Healthy Afghan Communities

Bamiyon DonationsPARSA’s Bamiyan Healthy Afghan Community Program has been running for five years.  Based in our offices in Bamiyan city, PARSA senior staff have worked with the community to develop programs that the community participates in.  Our offices in Bamiyan are a hub of activity providing a place for women to make and sell handicrafts and clothing, children to attend early childhood development classes, tutoring and be part of the Afghan Scouts.  Teenagers volunteer to work with the children and the women maintain a garden with the help of our staff taking produce home to augment their meals.

In Jawzareen Valley, PARSA works with four villages providing economic programs and literacy for women and early childhood classes.

PARSA’s programs have received recognition from Governor Sarobi and the ministry for being a low cost community driven model of development that can be sustained by the community in the coming years.