In the News

Since our founding in 1996 PARSA has gained attention and respect from around the world. Below are some articles about us that have been featured on news sources across worldwide.

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American at Home in Afghanistan, with some help from Prince – By Lynne O’Donnel

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Prince’s Secret Charity: Helping Afghan Orphans – By Scott Johnson

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Yahoo News: Be Prepared for Mines, Mullahs: Afghan Scouts Reborn – By Usman Sharifi

seattletimesSeattle Times: Seattle woman fights to help Afghan orphans – By Hal Bernton.

NYTNew York Times: Orphans’ defender jostles with Afghan corruption – By Rod Nordland.

ReutersReuters: Afghanistan’s new chefs: girls scouts bend social norms with food – By Miriam Arghandiwal.

MSNBCNBC Nightly News: PARSA’s House of Flowers Orphanage – With Brian Williams

CNNCNN: Generation Islam: Orphaned in Afghanistan – By Christiane Amanpour