Learning By Doing

Girls Business Schools

Dashti Barchi, Kabul

This school aims to start as a small-model girls vocational school project with about 20 girls, teaching them not only the national school curriculum but also to train them to market their trades, therefore becoming entrepreneurs. This pilot program called “Learning by Doing” allows us to support the girls as they learn and work through a sustainable business run by them.

Why this program and not many others? Because we are training business women; we reach girls who may not be able to go to school because they are working at home.

PARSA has been conducting programs in Dashti Barchi for 4 years, including a literacy program for older women. We found that younger girls from the community started coming to the literacy course because they could not attend regular school either because they were too far behind in the curriculum, could not afford uniforms and supplies, or they were participating in trade to contribute to the family income.

Reason for the project: There are still many communities where older girls have not been able to attend school, either due to the fact that there has been no formal school institution or they have to help parents at their market stalls/earn money early.

It would be a special program, permitted and supported by the Ministry of Education, where girl students between the ages of 14 and 18 years attend a school in the morning and have a training program in different trades in the afternoon.

Their school program will integrate business training into a regular curriculum that will allow the girls to “catch up” to their grade level in the national curriculum and position them to continue school if they desire. But they will be fully functioning and literate business women, educated in topics including business finance, marketing, sales and quality production.

The girls’ families would be offered a stipend of $20 a month for the first 6 months to allow the girls to attend school. Thereafter the girls should be earning an income with their individual trades. After the first six months the girls will be earning from their businesses.

Trades: It is planned to have a total of 5 trades:

  • Weaving
  • Tailoring
  • Cooking
  • Crocheting/knitting for children’s clothes
  • ECD/childcare

The education program is planned as a two-year program, teaching 4 classes (5-8 Grade) in 4 semesters.

The girls would be taught business math through business concepts, job training, enterprise, and technology: it has to be a program where students produce things to sell so they may earn money.

The program is planned with a budget of approximately $30 000.

The costs include:

  • Educator to write the curriculum in Dari
  • Office material
  • School supplies
  • School books
  • Materials for the trade school
  • Teacher salaries


Support PARSA’s “Learning By Doing” Girls’ Business Schools

Sponsor one girl for one year: $100 per month ($1200 total)

Sponsor a business (materials and trainer): $500

Sponsor school materials for a girl for a year: $150

Or support the project with another amount!

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Download a PDF Flyer for the project: Learning By Doing Flyer