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PARSA’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to how companies manage their businesses to produce an overall positive impact on society. It is a company’s commitment to behave ethically and contribute to the social and economic development of the communities they work in.

As an organization that has been operating in Afghanistan for over 19 years, PARSA has worked with many Afghan companies – both small and large – to provide them opportunities to give back to their communities in a socially responsible and effective way.

We have found that Afghan business owners are very keen on using their success to give back to their communities, and we have developed our PARSA CSR Program to help them give back in the most effective way possible. When businesses express interest in joining our CSR program, we discuss with them to determine what approach will best suit their goals. Examples have included:

  • A company’s employees taking part in a volunteer-day to help a community.
  • Funding a specific program that the company can monitor as it grows and supports beneficiaries.
  • Supporting PARSA’s successful national programs, including the Afghan Scouts or our Trade Afghan Businesswomen’s Network.

To join our program, we ask for a minimum donation of $1000 to the PARSA program that best suits your company’s goals.

Besides the moral value earned from doing business in a socially responsible way, partaking in PARSA’s CSR Program has other tangible benefits as well. First of all, members of PARSA’s CSR Program will become a part of our network of socially responsible businesses, and we will hold regular networking events for our members where they can meet representatives of the leading CSR companies in Afghanistan.

Additionally, we will help you share with your employees and customers your membership in our PARSA CSR Program and how your company has given back to Afghanistan. This may be through a display in the lobby of your office, an article in your company’s newsletter, or through acknowledgement at our PARSA CSR Networking events. Each PARSA CSR member-business will also be awarded a Certificate of Appreciation acknowledging their contribution.

IMG_9322At PARSA we believe that encouraging Corporate Social Responsibility is the next major step towards successful development in Afghanistan. As international aid donations for development work disappear, it is time for Afghan businesses to take responsibility themselves for improving the social and economic situation in Afghanistan. If you are doing business in Afghanistan, please consider joining our PARSA CSR program.

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