Building Healthy Families

At PARSA we understand that Building Healthy Afghan Families means building a healthy backbone for Afghan society to draw support from. We realize that a healthy family includes both healthy minds and healthy bodies. Our programs reflect this understanding:


Psychosocial Services: Our professional staff offer training for Afghan professionals who are working in social protection programs with vulnerable Afghan people across the country. Read more….

DSC00036 (2)Healthy Afghan Child Program: Also based in Bamiyan, our Healthy Child Centers cater to ensuring that the children of Bamiyan are not forgotten, no matter where they live. The schools that PARSA supports in the cave communities outside Bamiyan city are the heart of this program. Read more…

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PARSA Farm: Our farm was established as a training center in modern urban agriculture, and has grown into so much more. From a psychosocial perspective, the farm is used as a therapeutic program for orphans, where the children visit to spend time with the animals and learn about their care. Read more…