PARSA Farm: Gul Ahmad’s Special Pigeons


Gul Ahmad Loves his Special Pigeons!!

Gul Ahmad has been a driver at PARSA for 10 years. The joy of his life are his pigeons which he keeps at PARSA in the cow barn. Keeping pigeons in Afghanistan is an ancient tradition. Pigeon keepers usually keep pigeon coops on their roofs, and every night at dusk they let their pigeons out for exercise. The game of pigeons is that the pigeons are taught to swoop into another flock and capture pigeons and bring them back to the home coop.

Check out Reese’s video with a Mexican twist!!

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Scouting at Shamsa Village

PARSA’s Afghan Scouts paid a visit to the kids in Shamsa Village Orphanage this past Friday to play games, teach some basic medical protocol, and  have fun learning to tie Scouting knots. Shamsa will be sending a staff member to PARSA’s Basic Scout Master Training this month so that they can start their own Cub Scout Troop in June with all of the Shamsa children, and with the support of PARSA Scouts staff.

Shamsa Village is also special to us as they will be opening their doors for some of the Badakhshan children that were orphaned/displaced in the Argo landslide. PARSA will fully support Shamsa in this endeavor.

Enjoy the below slideshow of pictures taken by Reese Hume during his visit with the Scouts at Shamsa:

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Sherock the “Fighting Dog”

The Story of Sherock, by Reese Hume

I found Sherock (his name means “Little Lion”) in Chagcharran, Ghor, when I was working there on a project with the orphanage about five years ago.  He is a central Asian Mastif, an ancient breed used for protecting large herds from wolves.  Dogs of this breed also end up as “fighting dogs” in Afghanistan and have tough lives. But not Sherock. I brought him back to Kabul and he has been my best buddy ever since.

Here is our story.

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