Reese Hume- Nine years in Living and Working in Afghanistan at PARSA

Reese Hume has made his home and his work in Afghanistan for nine years.  Working directly with kids in PARSA’s youth programs, Reese has provided a unique perspective for all of us, in his photography, his contribution to our creative program development, and how we go about our work. He has been pivotal in the evolution of our youth programming.  He and Yasin started our first Scout Troop in the Tai Maskan orphanage before we hired our Afghan Scout staff. Reese is also the lead on our new program, PARSA Job Corps. From the time that he came to PARSA, he has been very comfortable with our life immersed in the Afghan culture.  This summer he is available to meet and talk to our PARSA Family members, about his work and experience in Afghanistan.

His perspective of the Afghan people is captured through his photography which will be featured in a book later this summer.  We have been posting a retrospective of some of his best photos on our instagram site. To schedule a meeting with Reese, when he is in the US, please contact him.