Mina’s Fundraising for Parwan Scouts

A big thank you to our VoAY producer Mina Sharifi and her wonderful friends who supported her campaign to get the last 10 kids in the Parwan orphanage in shiny new Scout uniforms. Her friends and family met her request within minutes, and so last week a group of 100 kids got to have a little party with a damboora player and other musicians, and each one was presented their dapper new Scout or Cub Scout uniform, complete with hat, scarf, shoes, and belt. All the kids looked splendid and it was a wonderful day! Thank you for sorting out all the Scouts in Parwan, Mina jan!

If you want to contribute to dressing up Scout troops in the future, visit our Donate Page and specify your donation is for Mina’s Scout uniforms. Thank you!