Memories: CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Visits PARSA

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CNN featured PARSA in a 2009 CNN documentary called ‘Generation Islam’, where Christiane Amanpour visited Marnie and Yasin at PARSA’s projects in Ghor Province. Marnie said, “It was a special trip because Christiane speaks Farsi and has a deep appreciation for this part of the world.” Watch the documentary at

Marnie’s Story about the trip:

Yasin and I flew to Chagcharran in August 2009, with Christiane Amanpour and her crew to be a part of the series “Generation Islam”.  PARSA was the least known organization of the three organizations featured.  Christiane and her producer were down-to-earth and very well experienced in any kind of remote coverage.  It was a special trip because Christiane speaks Farsi with her Iranian background and has a deep appreciation for this part of the world.  Although she would film in English, she came to know our people in Ghor and was able to speak” and learn about them herself.  I ended up sharing a room with her in our offices, uncomfortable pallets on the floor, and I ended up cooking for the group with very limited local resources.  We had planned a three day filming trip but it snowed and no airplanes, even military would attempt a landing.  “Grace under pressure” was Christinae trying to manage her international schedule and commitments from our bedroom in Chagcharran, with no way of getting out.  But I think Yasin and I won the contest for calmness under pressure, being with her and her team frustrated by events we could not change, in the middle of no where.  We finally ended up chartering a plane with other expats trying to get out, from an airline who overlooked the danger, and flew to Herat where Christiane  hosted flew back  us before we flew back to Kabul.  A brief moment of being a part of the international media world before we slipped comfortably back “under the radar”.

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