Traveling Rumi

Meet our first traveling “goodee” doll, Rumi. Rumi is a pint-sized replica of one of the members of our PARSA farm, Rumi the elegant fat-tailed Afghan sheep. Reese rescued Rumi from becoming a dinner kebab during Eid last year, and brought him to PARSA where he lives the sheep-dream: plenty of food, plenty of friends, and plenty of roaming space.

We are making little stuffed replicas of our PARSA Farm animals to help promote both our PARSA Farm and our tailoring program, both part of our PARSA Women’s Economic programs. Our women will be making unique stuffed replicas of each of our farm animals, and decorating them with individualized Afghan style. Then as our staff members travel around Afghanistan and abroad we will be taking our little stuffed pets with us and sharing our journey’s from their point of view!

Reese’s little Rumi is the first to go – from Kabul where he said goodbye to Reese’s mastiff Sherock, all the way to Washington State, where he is currently on all sorts of adventures in the warm spring Seattle weather. We plan to auction off little Rumi once he is back in Kabul to raise money for the women who made him, so stayed tuned for more of his adventures!



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