DAILY QUIRKS: Snowball Fights, Afghan Style

IMG_5295This past weekend Reese, Yasin and I made a snowboarding attempt on Salang Pass, but unfortunately when we got to the top after our 3 hour drive we found that visibility was terrible and although there was a lot more snow there than in Kabul, it was not enough for boarding. So we made the best of it, and to the amusement of the roadside shopkeepers and the steady stream of cars driving by, Reese and I had a full-out snowball fight on the side of the road near the top of the pass. The pictures clearly show that I won.



Okay, maybe I didn’t win. Retreat!



Yasin and Reese hanging out.

Unfortunately the window was OPEN when that mud splatter happened.









Reese doesn’t go anywhere without his coffee cup.