Staff Acknowledgement Lunch

Our PARSA staff are a big family. They are the ones who work hard to keep the PARSA vision alive, often going far beyond their official duties to do so. Most of the 45 permanent employees at our Kabul main offices – from operations staff to management – have been with PARSA for years and are highly dedicated to their work with us.

Although we eat lunch together daily, usually at least half the team is missing because they are off visiting our projects or are too busy handling their respective responsibilities to make it to the staff room. We love our Staff Acknowledgement days because they bring us all together and give us a chance to catch up with each others’ departments.

Today we acknowledged six people for Employees of the Month (we can never just pick one!): from Scouts – Amin; from Women’s Economics – Shoghora; from Operations – Aziz Agha (who cooked us our delicious qabuli meal); and the entire Finance Department – Toofan, Abdullah, and Mustafa.

Everyone had a great day and shared a few laughs – just the recharge we needed!