Throwback Thursday: Akbar on a Family Jaunt – Marnie

This is a picture of my mother, sister Fran and Akbar in a “gaudi” in Ghazni on a day trip in 1967. Akbar was a student to be a pilot and our Dari teacher. In the way of most of our relationships with our Afghan friends, his role in our life spread into all aspects of our lives and he was a favorite for joining our family jaunts. Akbar was a big tease and loved to laugh. The picture I wish I had was a day we traveled to Istalif and Akbar saw a baby camel and his mother. He told my Dad to stop the car because he wanted to show us something….as our teacher about Afghanistan. He leaped down the bank and swaggered over to the baby camel, picked up a rock and threw it at the baby. My mom and the three of us were outraged and yelled in chorus for him to stop it. My Dad thought it was funny. Mother camel slowly walked toward the baby, giving no indication of being upset. Akbar threw another rock, and in a split second the mother camel lunged after him. He sprinted toward the car, scrambling on the sandy bank and mom camel rounded on him and gave him a good nip in the seat of his pants…just before he jumped into the car and slammed the door. Dad REALLY thought that was funny and so did Akbar. I wish I had THAT picture. After he recovered from his mirth, Akbar turned to my sisters and I and said, “See, now you have learned-that is why you never throw stones at baby camels!”  “Akbar,” I said,” there was never any danger of us throwing stones at baby camels.”  “Good!” he exclaimed, “you are my best students!”

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